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Welcome to Pumpability, we aim to be your partner in the provision of quality pumps and associated equipment.

Pumpability specialises in heavy-duty units for industrial, food, municipal, mining and construction applications in water, sewage, drainage, sludge and pastes.

The company can assist in all or any phase from system design to supply and installation.

Pumpability operates throughout Australia and has completed projects overseas in Africa, the Pacific and S.E. Asia.

Landy Robot Equivalent PumpsLandy - Robot-Equivalent Pumps

Landustrie in the Netherlands is now producing equivalent pumps to the original Robot range, to complement and extend the wastewater applications of their own Wetterfreter submersible cutter pumps... MORE



PCM MoineauPumpability in Ice Cream

Earlier this year pumpability completed a project for flavour dosing into ice cream, using a weight loss system with a PCM Moineau progressing cavity pump. The system measures the rate of weight loss from the flavour... MORE


Thompson Strainers Rinse System imageThompson Strainer goes Food-Grade

Thompson strainers are now available for food applications. The strainers are finished internally by filling, grinding and polishing to remove all cracks and crevices where particles could accumulate. Long-known for low head loss, large surface area and versatile... MORE


Rinse systemRinse System for Thompson Strainer

The Thompson strainer has been used in many Australian applications because of its low head loss, large surface area, full stainless steel construction and... MORE


Dewatering pump sets at Wyaralong DamWyaralong Dam

Pumpability has been awarded a contract for the supply of diesel-driven flood dewatering pump sets at Wyaralong Dam... MORE



Clay Slurry PumpsClay Slurry Pumps

Additional PCM Moineau pumps have been supplied to a sand processor in Victoria. These pumps are used for feeding sand washings ... MORE




Versatile Submersible Pumps

Pumpability is supplying 4.7 kW and 26 kW Weda and Mody submersible pumps to a marine salvage company for pumping... MORE

National: 0477 666 589
Int'tl: +61 477 666 589