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About Us


Pumpability is dedicated to providing and supporting high-quality pumping equipment, pumping systems, mixing and aeration products. Although small enough to give personal service, we have the size and experience to provide complete pumping systems for both ordinary and unusual applications.

Our business commenced in 1981.

Pumpability uses Australian and imported pumps and other equipment to meet our clients’ specific needs in sanitary, potable and dirty-water, slurry, sludge and paste pumping assignments for food, industrial, municipal or mining applications throughout Australia and the Pacific.

All products supplied by the company are supported from our purpose-built premises at Port Macquarie. Pumps and parts can be delivered quickly throughout Australia and to nearby countries.

The range of expertise and products available means Pumpability is able to satisfy almost all pumping requirements and provide quality after-sales support, while specialising in those unusual applications which require more imaginative solutions.



National: 0477 666 589
Int'tl: +61 477 666 589