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Examples of projects using equipment supplied by Pumpability.


Flood protection pumps supplied for the Wyaralong Dam project in Queensland included four 250 mm self-priming pump sets and two 100 mm self-priming pump sets. The pumps are from BBA in the Netherlands, matched locally to engines and baseplates, as well as pontoon mounting for some of the units.

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A BBA piston pump, model PT130E, installed for permanent dewatering of a berm at a wastewater treatment plant in Victoria.


Vales Point Power Station BBA self-priming pumps, 150 mm in stainless steel.


BBA Wellpoint dewatering pump with vacuum assistance, model B100-MP60-2, on site in Sydney.


Flavour dosing system with weight control of the dosing rate, using a PCM Moineau 2.6H12 pump.

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